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— On a Mission To Help You

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Life is too short to be on sales calls all the time.


For you and your family's future and legacy


Having time to do more of what matters

✓ Lead with CONFIDENCE

Without the use of aggressive or sleasy sales tactics

— On a Mission To Help You

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Life is too short to be on sales calls all the time.

Ask yourself, are you struggling with...


Hitting an income ceiling with no sales strategy on how to break through?


Is your calendar always packed with sales calls, leaving no time to attend to other parts of your business growth?

lack of confidence

Do you get intimidated and discount your services just to get a yes? Or maybe you're afraid to ask for the sale at all?

lack of profit

Spending too much time on sales calls yet nothing to show for it crushing your bottom line?​


Feeling like a modern slave to your sales process? Working too much and not enough time with your family or friends?


Frustrated by the see-saw effect on your bank account? Not being able to plan ahead, living pay-check to pay-check?


Picture this: you get on less sales calls yet you're making more. It's effortless selling to your prospects. It's not awkward, pushy or aggressive, they are more than happy to hand over their money to work with you. Heck, you now have so much free time you don't know what to do with it.

So how do you get there?

The roadmap to more sales

It boils down to 3 distinct problems we need to fix…


Sales Fear

Why does this matter? Because as long as you’re fearful of the sale, you won’t show up fully. You’ll hesitate, missing your mark to ask for the sale (correctly). You’ll think that the people on the other end are judging you. Sales fear ultimately keeps you in a downward loop. It’ll keep you from taking the big, necessary action. This all boils down to not valuing yourself and what you bring to the table.


value clarity

If your customer isn’t absolutely clear that you have the exact solution for them. That parting with their hard-earned money will make their pain go away, they won’t buy. People want complete clarity in their mind’s eye. They want to buy something that seems stupid to pass up. Even if you’re confident in your ability, is it being articulated clearly to them?


Stressed Out About Closing

If you have sales fear, then you’re going to 100% have stressful conversations. If your customer on the end of the line feels the stress coming from you, they’re going to take it on, and have much more objections to closing the deal with you. Closing is not no longer some sleazy strong arm tactic. You CAN close with EASE.

Results you can expect.

YOUR RESULTS are the only thing that matters. Get a coach that gives a shit about your success.

— Who's The Bizzy Coach?

Leverage over 17 years of business ownership experience and stop the trial and error approach.

Here’s the quick version of my story. Started out in my first real business when I was 19. Founded and scaled 13 companies in 10 different industries. What I know now is that growing a company is critically linked to your sales and maximizing your profit. That’s what i’m on a mission to do, help you sell more without “selling”. If you're looking to increase your sales conversion rate so you can earn more without working more, i want to talk to you!

What are you waiting for? You could be doubling your sales revenue now!

I’ll Be Your Personal Asian Tiger Mom

I will encourage you to get your shit done! Push you forward without the guilt trip! Feed you with an insane amount of actionable knowledge so you hit your goals with speed and ease.

By working with me you'll:

Start making more money

Start making more money

Start making more impact

Start making more impact

Start having more time for the things you love

Start having more time for the things you love

Start living a life you can call your own.

Start living a life you can call your own.

Because at the end of the day if you have a proven process that works, then life becomes a whole lot easier.
If an easier life and greater business success sounds nice to you then let's stop wasting time.

How It Works



We’ll hop on a quick call to discover if we’re a good fit for each other.. We’ll also eliminate any confusion in your business, and set you up for success.

Show Commitment

Success is a two-way street. I’ll make your dreams come true. But you have to put in the work, daily, swallow feedback, and be prepared to push your limits. We’re in this together.

Transformation Complete

We’ve reached our end goal! But it doesn’t end here. Leverage the moment we’ve built to scale and keep growing!

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For getting to the end of this page, grab my sales tracker for free as a gift!