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How To Get Ready To Crush The New Year!

While majority of people use the holidays to do nothing, I implore you to take this time to get ready for the new year let alone DECADE!

I have 5 steps to share on how i close off the year and get ready for a new one. It’s important that you have a strategy on how to be ready for the new year and not wait until January 1st hits to start to reflect on the past year and figure out where you want to go.

According the U.S. NEWS, 80% of “new year goals” FAIL by February… YES you read that right, people drop their goals within 1 MONTH! Don’t be apart of that horrid statistic and get yourself ready and primed to crush a new start to a new year and a new freaking DECADE.

I’ve been one of those statistics over and over again, so i understand the frustration and struggle. I’ve learnt the hard way and these are the things that have helped me changed my life, you can read more about me here.

So let’s get right to it!

1. Reflect and Review on your 2019 goals – be honest with yourself during this assessment (if you didn’t set any goals, don’t worry i’ll cover that in step #4) This is important because if you don’t know where you are, how will you know how to get to the end destination?

Questions to ask yourself:

– Did you achieve the goal?
– If it’s YES, then reflect on HOW you were able to do it?
– WHO helped you?
– WHAT changes did you have to make?
– WERE there struggles that you had to get through?
This will help when you face a goal that you’re struggling and go into your negative self talk – it’ll remind you that you are fully capable of hitting goals you’ve set.
– If it’s NO, then WHAT held you back?
– Was it time?
– Did something unexpected happen?
– WHY did you even set this goal in the first place?

Be honest and specific here. How detailed we are in our reasoning of our goals is what pulls us through with them. The stronger the WHY the easier the HOW. So knowing why you even set that specific goal will tell you if you should just leave it and move on or strive again for it in the new year. 


Remember this exercise is not to beat yourself up for things you didn’t achieve but to celebrate the things you did and start putting together the pieces of how you reached success so you can repeat it over and over again. 


2. Handwrite yourself a letter as a present and include the following: (This is probably my favourite thing to do at the end of the year!)

  • 5 things you’ve accomplished and celebrate it!
  • 5 things/events you’ve learnt, whether it’s about yourself, business, life, etc.
  • 5 things to forgive and let go, whether its forgiving yourself or another person – practicing forgiveness and letting go dramatically increases our wellbeing, you don’t need to drag this with you into the new decade, leave it behind where it belongs!
  • 5 things to give yourself advice on, can be anything, don’t overthink it, if you can’t think of anything then start with how you would’ve done things differently
  • 5 things that you’re excited for in 2020
    *you can surpass 5 of any of the above

    Psychology has shown that writing yourself a letter significantly changes your well being and it shows you optimism.
    Once you’re done, wrap it up into a present or just make it special for yourself and put it under the tree (if you celebrate Christmas) or under your pillow until either Christmas Day (if you celebrate it) if not, open it on New Years Eve. It will be the best gift you have EVER given yourself!

    3. Handwrite a letter to someone important in your life that you’d like to acknowledge, whether it’s your significant other, friend, family member, etc. (It will be the best gift you’ve ever given them, hands down!)

    Use the same framework as above but directed to them

  • 5 things you saw them accomplish
  • 5 things you’ve learnt about them
  • 5 things to forgive them for

    Becareful here about pointing fingers, this is not about BASHING them and making them feel bad (that would be a terrible gift!) You want to let them know WHAT they did that hurt you or upset you and how it made YOU feel. This is about your feelings towards it, not how they’re a horrible person for doing these things to you. Use “I” statements, ex. “I felt disrespected and neglected when i didn’t hear from you”.

    To end it off, tell them how much you love them, appreciate them, encourage them, most importantly, this letter is to light them the fuck up!

"LIFE BEST LIVED IS life by design, not by accident"

Jim Rohn

4. Goals Setting Workshop by Jim Rohn

Setting goals is the ultimate indicator of success. It is your road map to greatness. If you don’t know what your destination is how would you navigate to get there or know when you do get there?

So let’s get to it! Grab your notebook or a piece of paper and pen. Get comfy and relaxed, try to get yourself to a higher state whatever that is for you, whether it’s putting on some music, having a glass of wine, or smoking a joint, etc, then let your pen do the work. 

A. What do you want in the next 10 years? 

This can take however long you want, you want at least a minimum of 50, you can easily go for it and write 100, 200, 300+.

This can also be anything small to large, this is not about being “logical”, hence why i mentioned to get yourself loose before you do this exercise.

You almost want to tap into your inner child where there are no limits to anything. 

Let your mind run free, it’s NOT about what you think you CAN GET but WHAT YOU WANT. 

Write whatever comes to mind and try to do it as fast as possible so you’re not letting your mind THINK.

If it helps, try to picture that you have a magical lamp with a genie in it that will grant you ANYTHING you want in life in the next 10 years, what would you wish for? Or you can go to the actual workshop on Youtube and hear Jim’s suggestions starting at 19:00 mins

Here are some of mine, maybe it’ll help your brain start churning:
– Found inner peace
– 20% body fat
– World wide dog rescue
– Self made billionaire
– DJ at Coachella
– Speak on Brendon Burchard’s Stage
– Top 40 under 40 Forbes + Entrepreneur List
– Personal masseuse
– Personal Chef 

B. Then beside each “goal”, write down if you think it’s either going to take you 1, 3, 5, or 10 years to achieve.

C. Then tally each year group – this will show you where your current mindset is and where to work on, you want your mindset to be balanced in a way where you’re not thinking too short term nor are you focusing too much on the long term.

D. Then pick your TOP 4 of each year group

E. Most importantly write out a DETAILED WHY you want to achieve that goal because the stronger the WHY, the easier the HOW

F. Then everyday write out your 16 goals EVERYDAY, to constantly give yourself the momentum of moving towards them. When writing it out, feel like it’s already been accomplished!

G. Breakdown your 16 goals into small steps, goals can be daunting so we need to break them off into pieces that are easier to achieve to give ourselves the momentum moving forward. If you know you have poor discipline then make the steps so small that you can’t fail! Discipline and will power is like a muscle, you have to take steps to strengthening it. The point is for you to create real change in your life so set yourself up for success not failure.

For example: My goal of “20% body fat”, I’ve marked this as a 3 year goal (being realistic is also important), i think i’m around 32-35% right now.

My starting out small tasks are:

– Find an exercise i enjoy and do it 3x a week
– Do light stretches
– No more than 1x of carb and sugar a day
– Drink 8 glasses of water a day
– See a nutritionist and learn about my body – food sensitivities, etc
– Watch encouraging videos 3x a week

Then once i’ve hit those goals it’ll ramp up to:
– Yoga 3x a week
– Exercise 5x a week
– Drink my body weight’s amount of water a day
– No more than 3 days of carb or sugar a week
– Fix my gut health
– So on and so on… 

Get the point? It be unrealistic for me to jump into a strict fitness routine and diet right away knowing that i hate exercising and love to eat! And looking at the 20% body fat is daunting for me, seems extremely far away but then when i look at my first small tasks, not so bad! Go at your pace that you are capable of yet still challenging for yourself

Need help with your goals?

5. Create at least 2-3 new healthy daily habits with rewards for yourself and start doing them right away, don’t wait until the “new year”!

Like i mentioned previously, 80% of “new year” goals FAIL by February! Don’t be part of those statistics, set yourself up for success! New daily habits is what’s going to slowly build yourself momentum and real change.

You can take the goals you have created in Step #4 and break them down into habits.

For example: My 20% body fat goal.

My first daily habit can be to: Stretch for 10 mins when i wake up and my reward to myself is having breakfast

You want to do these daily as consistency is what makes it stick. Once you start getting into a rhythm then you can start increasing your habit/goal by 1% a day/week/month. (Depends how fast you want to go and 1% goes a long way).

So then my habit will become: Stretch for 11 mins when i wake up and my reward to myself is having breakfast

And hey, there will be times that you will fail to do your daily habit, maybe you lost track of time the most important part is for you to not let it happen twice.

For example, if i missed my daily stretch once during the week i won’t let it happen again that week. This is not about perfection so be easy on yourself, it’s about building your consistency. Leave your all or nothing mentality at the door and just bounce back!

Remember to be kind to yourself! Be patient, slow and steady ALWAYS wins the race!

Comment below 👇 of your new daily habits and we can all keep each other accountable for them! Share this post with a friend or family member as well, the more people that know about your goals also gives you a higher success rate to achieving them!

I hope this helped and gets you off to an amazing start in 2020! Let’s make this next decade our best decade yet! LETS GOOOOOOOO! And if you’re serious about real change and need some help in this area then check out my coaching services and schedule yourself a free discovery call with me to get you moving!

Let me know below👇👇👇 if this was helpful so I know what type of posts to do in the future! Good luck, you got this!

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