Isn’t it time to make mad money moves just
by being authentically you,
minus the BS and burnout? 
1 clear path.
3 simple steps.
0 confusion.

Discover the proven process to grow from $0 to $10K+ monthly income without having to work 20% of the time. The same process that has worked for many other heart-centered coaches and service providers —even those who think they can’t!



The last money-making program you’ll hop on before hitting 7 figures.

Hold up, let’s cut the crap.

You’ve jumped course after course and felt like you’re nothing but a fucking number.

You’re tired of another program that only gives you a slice of the whole informational pizza on how to start and scale a business.

You’re one heck of a highly-skilled, badass CEO,000,000 but the money in your bank doesn’t reflect that.

You have a PhD in “Sorry, I can’t join you tonight ladies” major in “I have work to do.”, and even YOU are sick and tired of it.

You’re on to kill it but imposter syndrome, burnout, and stress get so darn bad they might kill you first (As if you didn't know already know, we Women of color, experience these more often!)

I sold one program within 6 weeks for 2K, and I have some active leads. The best thing about the SOULRICH program was Michelle was very good at giving examples, and talking at a level I understood. I never felt out of my depths although there was certainly times I was. Michelle was a very supportive coach. She guided me from the start to finish on how to start a business. She had an outline and clear goals from the beginning of what we would accomplish during our time together. Michelle checked in with me regularly to ensure I was clear on what we had covered and where we were going. I feel very confident as I move forward with my business that I have a solid foundation after taking this course with Michelle.

My name is Michelle
aka The Bizzy Coach.

I help Women Coaches and Consultants go from stuck to soul rich without having to work 20% of the time.

I figured the #1 problem why coaches, consultants, and service providers fail to have successful, scalable 6-figure businesses—they have no solid roadmap

So they waste their time figuring it out on their own, taking in who knows how many clients just to chase their income goal, and by the time they even hit it, time and health have already been traded off…


Forget all the flyby gurus glorifying hard work.

You don’t have to work hard to make money. You just need a proven shortcut.

So here’s a shortcut.

The same system that built my business to $10k in my first 8 weeks and to a boomin’ 6-figure today.

Tested and retested, and brought the same wins to my clients.

It’s out in the open, just waiting to be applied.

But if you find pleasure in pain *wink* and wanna take the hard route without a step-by-step roadmap...

here’s a sneak peak of what will likely happen to you...

You’ll get stuck with low-paying clients or worse, lose them all ‘cause you got zero plan of action to sustain them.

You’ll be forced to CLOSE your business and find a full-time corporate job. While trying to save face at your next family dinner, when that noisy uncle asks how business is doing.

You’ll have to tell your fam that you failed, and you’ve sworn you’d make it work this time.

You’ll be alone in your DIY 4-figure journey or be with people who won’t understand you (#wocwho). You can still win, of course you can, but it will take 15 years (like me lol) to figure shit out.

You’ll continue binge-watching & purchasing (cha-ching) course after course and end up not finishing them… again.

Another drop in % of Women owned businesses this year ‘cause we’re about to lose you.

Look, I was once in this SAME EXACT POSITION and I don’t want another Woman to go through this shit alone again.



The last money-making, soul-enriching 90-day fast track program you’ll hop on before hitting 6 figures and on to your first million. 

Get ready to know what you want. No more info overload. No more shiny object syndrome. ‘Bout time we switch from “learning” mode to “doing” mode.

Create your high-ticket offer, but make it clear. So clear they’d be banging your doors, shouting “take my money!” 

I know you want to serve MORE, but you can’t do that by burning yourself out with 1:1 custom coaching. Get ready to build your simple + scalable group program so you can gain multiple clients and more quality results, minus working harder.

Oh and you get to choose who YOU work with too (not vice versa!).

Increase your conversion rates while you sleep ‘cause we’re learning all things systems and automation, baby! We’ll attract traffic on demand, except this time you’re no longer dreaming.

What's inside? 👀

Step #1: The End Game

We get crystal clear on what YOU want and plan the steps on achieving it

You will rewrite your old story and beliefs

You will build your confidence and mindset that will spill over to other areas of your life

Step #2: A Millionaire Mindset

To be like a millionaire, you have to think like a millionaire, we rebuild your money mindset and we turn you into a money magnet.

You’ll learn how to charge exactly what you want without feeling ashamed or guilty.

You’ll get practical money management skills you need in your life

Step #3: High Efficient Productivity

✓ You’ll get all my productivity hacks allowing you to only work 20% of the time

We’ll dive into building new good habits – the ones that will reach your goals faster

You’ll learn how to remove your old bad habits – the ones that are holding you back from your success

Step #4: Serving Your SOUL Avatar

We do a little soul diving and discover your soul purpose so you get to show up just being authentically you

You’ll decide exactly who you want to work with and who to avoid 

You’ll learn how to get deep into your ideal client’s psyche

Step #5: Signature Solution

You’ll craft your unique signature solution to set yourself apart from the crowd

You’ll build a multi-tier systemized product offer ladder to increase your lifetime customer value

You’ll create a transformational curriculum, step by step that can be rolled out in all different kinds of teaching formats.

Step #6: Authentic Branding

You’ll develop your million dollar message so clients are banging down your doors begging to pay you

You’ll get the exact steps on building your brand from a past founder of a branding and web agency

You’ll get my template layout for an easy to setup mini webinar for high converting leads

Step #7: Sales Made Easy

You’ll learn how to grow your network daily with leads that can be converted into loyal customers

✓ You’ll learn how to sell and close without ever having to convince or pressure someone

You’ll learn how to utilize email marketing to follow up with leads on autopilot

Step #8: Digitizing & Automation

You’ll get my course slide template to plug and play your curriculum for a transformational client experience

You’ll get all my best tips and strategies to quickly record and edit your program content  

You’ll learn how to automate your program to allow you to be more present with your clients for even more value


Step #9: Systemizing Your Business

You’ll build a system to outsource and buy back time to do whatever you want

You’ll learn which tools to use to run an efficient business 

You’ll learn how to efficiently manage a small team


It all starts with a single first step.
You aspire to have an impactful business that will not just fill your pockets, but also your soul.
You’d rather grow $$$ bags than grow eyebags, BS, burnout, and imposter syndrome.
You want superstar dollars and you’re committed to put in superstar work.
You want a simple step-by-step roadmap to follow that has been tested over and over to ensure success.
You’re ready to have a personal tiger asian Mom (aka me) to nag you to get your shit done, push you forward without the guilt trip, and feed you with an insane amount of knowledge to hit your goals faster and easier.

Did I hear you scream MORE?

Here’s everything you’re getting if you jump into SRA...

Soulrich Modules

No need to wait. You’ll get instant access to FULL Soulrich online modules 1 - 9 + some bonuses, released all at once.

Group Calls

The tiger Asian mom won’t let her kids go to war unarmed. We’ll have a 90-min closed group call weekly and Q&A sessions 6 hrs a month. To assure you’re always heard, I’m doing this with a max of 10 people only.

Message Support

Here in SRA, “stuck” is not part of our vocabulary. Quick questions and personalized, no-BS feedback? I’m here for it! You’ll get 12 to 24-hour message support from me.

1-on-1 Monthly Calls

Nothing’s more annoying than joining group coaching and feeling like a fucking number. Bring all your Qs ‘cause we’re having 30-min 1-on-1 calls monthly!

Zero to CEO Cheat Sheet

The holy grail of your journey to hitting $10k in 90 days and beyond. A comprehensive, done-for-you Trello board that includes all the steps, checklist, templates, and resources you need to scrap the overwhelm and simplify everything!

Okay, I’m not done yet—did I mention social media content board, business development board, weekly task board with emotional check-ins, and KPI trackers?—it’s literally jam-packed with every step and every checklist you'll need; I can’t even list everything! You have no excuse not to succeed.

Choose your jOURNEY

90-Day Accelerator

More accountability, faster results. 

The 90-day accelerator is for people who want to go from $0 to $10k+ in 90 days in an intimate group setting (I only take in 10 badass bosses each round!). We all start at the same time and build our businesses together one step at a time. You’ll dig this if you’re in for more commitment and want more personal access to me.


✓ 2 x 90min weekly closed group live training calls (max of 10 people), Q&A answering (6hrs a month)

✓ 12-24hr message support 

✓ 1x 30mins 1-on-1 monthly calls with ME


12-Month Option

Own pace, bigger groups.

The 12-month option is designed for people who want a more DIY approach. Think Netflix. Work on your own pace but you’ll still have full support from our group calls twice a month. You’ll dig this if you can’t commit a specific set of time for a high-touch group coaching but still want the high-level information and accountability.


✓ RENT SOULRICH modules online 1 – 9 + bonuses, you’ll need to continue paying a monthly fee after the 1st year if you want to keep your access.

✓ 2x 90min bi-weekly open group calls with me, Q&A answering (3hrs a month)

✓ 24-48hr message support 

✓ 1x 30mins 1-on-1 monthly calls with one of my coaches from my team

Not sure which one to choose? Hop on a complimentary 30 min discovery call with me and

I’ll tell you which option to provide you the result you’re looking for.


Michelle was super helpful in creating a specific plan of action for my business. She pushed me to really take a look at what I was doing and helped me understand where I need to improve. All it took was one phone call to realize she is the real deal. Many thanks to Michelle for all of her wisdom!
Carly Kan
Michelle is an insightful and empowering business coach. She seems to care deeply about the people she works with. In speaking with her, I felt energized in my personal growth journey. She shared tools that I continue to draw benefits from today.
Su Min

A simple easy to follow success path. A huge-ass bank account. An approach that screams accountability. 

Let’s get that business clarity, switch on your money mindset, and fill your soul and pocket.

Now a question for you…

Is your SOUL ready to MAKE MAD MONEY MOVES? 💸


This program is meant to help any coach, consultant, or service provider who is burnt out and not hitting 5 figures per month yet. If you are already fully booked and earning consistent 6 figures, then this is not for you.

In 90-Day, we start and end at the same time. High-level, high-touch, more access to me. In 12-Month, we go slower and release lessons per month. Own pace, less intensive, bigger group.

Yes! All of the content is inside of a member’s area and ready to go. You will get Instant Lifetime Access as soon as you complete your purchase.

  1. We pride SRA as the last program you’ll need before hitting six figures and onto your first million, and we are VERY picky on who we let in. We bring massive value to the table, right off the bat. 

  2. Based on the results my clients get, there is no question the system works. The only question is, will you make this work for you? And since that’s on you, it’s not something we can guarantee. 

Joining SRA means you’re investing in yourself and your business. Why bother wasting time, resources, and energy on trial and error when you can do it right and get faster return the first time?


Imagine if you’re charging $4,000 to 5,000 per client, then you only need 2-3 clients for your ROI. Makes sense! 

No, but I’m not going to lie to you: It will be overwhelming in the beginning and that’s because you’re learning something new, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. But I promise it does get easier as we move along with your consistent action. That’s why we’re here-to pull you through and take you to your goals.

If you pick the 90-Day Accelerator, we suggest putting at least 1 hour a day, everyday for 90 days to work through the tasks. If you vibe with 12-Month, we suggest allotting 2-3 hours a week.

Here’s one of the best parts of our program: we provide you with systems to follow right off the bat. We teach you how to use a simple and free project management tool called Trello and provide customized boards that we’ve already mapped out every task you’re going to do per week to hit $10K+ a month in 90 days. You’ll also get templates, checklists, and a bunch of resources that cost over $10K+ combined, all done-for-you and ready to plug into your business.

While others focus on throwing as much information as possible (which frankly only results in info overload), SRA doesn’t stop at learning mode. We get you to do the work through an easy step-by-step system with your Asian tiger mom (aka me) who will make sure you do your homework and implement them.

Ready to have that one email that you cannot


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