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It’s time to earn more, impact more, without working more with ease.

1 Clear Path.

9 Simple Steps.

0 Confusion.

Discover how to double your sales conversion rate effortlessly with this B2B sales training program. This is the same process I’ve used to generate a million in sales in 18 months and the same process I’ve used to help so many others.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your schedule and unable to earn more?

After spending the last 17 years building up multiple businesses for myself and others, I began to realize something…

It began to dawn on me why so many business owners faced issues… Especially as they were getting started, really trying to grow and take their business to the next level.

But all the time, as if on cue, something would get in the way. Making it so hard, nearly impossible to maintain success and grow it.

Here are the problems that crush your bottom line:

Spending too much time with the wrong prospects

Are you properly pre-qualifying your prospects? Or spending valuable time and money speaking to people who aren’t your target client? Time truly is money.

Not asking for the sale

Sales can be easy, damn, it can be downright fun. But it’s going to be the worst part of your day if you don’t ask for the sale.

Giving away too much for free

Creating great content is good, but giving too much away for free is bad, are you decreasing your value by giving away too much?

Not enough consistent outreach

Consistent new clients is how you grow. Are you consistently booking meetings with new leads?

Not charging enough

It’s not always necessary to have new clients. But it’s absolutely crucial to increase your rates as you grow… Do you know how?

Not knowing the numbers

Growth and scale only happen when you know your numbers. Because how can you get to where you’re going if you don’t even know where you are?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, what i've just listed are only symptoms of root causes. Below is what keeps most business owners from continuing their progression. It’s where most people get stuck, and can end up staying. Mastering these mind killers, will help you develop a solid foundation for continued growth, increased revenue and greater confidence in closing leads. .

The 3 Mind Killers

Everyone wants to seem perfect from day 1. Like they have it all figured out. Waiting for everything to fall perfectly into place, but it never does leave you in a vicious cycle of inaction.

Ever felt like a fake? Like you’re putting on a front, only pretending like you know what you’re doing?

News: It’s risky, most don’t succeed, the majority fail. Get. Out. Now

Friends: But none of us are doing this? What about your family? Be realistic. 

Family: We just don’t want you to fail, What happens if you fail? What will you do?

Why does it matter?

The thing is, it’s not just hurting you personally, it’s putting damage on your business in these 3 ways:


Having Sales Fear

Why does this matter? Because as long as you’re fearful of the sale, you won’t show up fully. You’ll hesitate, missing your mark to ask for the sale (correctly). You’ll think that the people on the other end are judging you. Sales fear ultimately keeps you in a downward loop. It’ll keep you from taking the big, necessary action. This all boils down to not valuing yourself and what you bring to the table.


A Vague Offer

If your customer isn’t absolutely clear that you have the exact solution for them. That parting with their hard-earned money will make their pain go away, they won’t buy. People want complete clarity in their mind’s eye. They want to buy something that seems stupid to pass up. Even if you’re confident in your ability, is it being articulated clearly to them?


Low Closing Rate

If you have sales fear, then you’re going to 100% have stressful conversations. If your customer on the end of the line feels the stress coming from you, they’re going to take it on, and have much more objections to closing the deal with you. Closing is not no longer some sleazy strong arm tactic. You CAN close with EASE.


Does This Sound Familar?


You spend your time creating and releasing content. But you may as well be invisible because no one seems to care.


Focusing all of your energy trying to acquire new leads, but not actually being able to close them.


Your bank account doesn’t reflect the amount of leads coming into your pipeline.


Your offer isn’t clear to anyone, even yourself. You have trouble communicating your real value to your customer.


Stress, Burnout, Lack of Confidence, leading to low closing rates aka No Sales.


You flinch and hesitate on the sales call, not being able to close over the phone with confidence.

So Who Do You Turn To For Help? So Who Do You Turn To For Help?


Years of experience

The Bizzy Coach

I’ve been in the game for 17+ years. I’ve owned businesses in E-commerce, Entertainment, Tech, Retail, and even Cannabis. In total, I’ve worked across 10 different industries. Basically, your girl has owned and operated a business in just about every industry, on every level. I've been where you are. Every roadblock possible—you name it—I’ve crossed paths with it.

This is why I became a Business Coach in the first place. Because I’ve been through the process ( to hell and back ) more times than I care to admit tbh. Along the way, I picked a few things up. Tested systems, had failures, and found out what worked by putting in the hours of hard work.

The same system that built my coaching business to consistent $10k in my first 8 weeks and to 6-figures today.

And it’s what I’m going to teach you, so you don’t have to face all of the unknown obstacles that you don’t even know about.

I work with ambitious heart-centered coaches, consultants, and service providers to double their sales without working more.

If you’re open to it, I will make you into a new and improved version of yourself. Forcing you to develop kick-ass superhero-level confidence to close quality leads like it’s nothing.

That is why I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the years in business and created…

Soulrich Sales Bootcamp

The Last Money-Making Program You’ll Need To Hop On To Develop The Confidence and Skills to Effortlessly Sell Anything to Anyone

Phase 1: Going from Sales Fear to Sales Confident



Be Self Assured

- Learn to understand your nature and work in line with your behavior
- Build unshakable habits that bring you closer to your goals
- Learn how to focus on the big steps that bring real impact



Have A Zen Mind

- Find emotional stability between the negative and the positive
- How to use a growth mindset to accelerate the growth of your business
- How to focus and release your energy to always stay on track



Fearless Action

- How to learn from mistakes and "failure"
- Remaining calm and being solution minded even amidst fear and chaos
- Getting beyond imposter syndrome, and working through core fears that are keeping you from acting

Phase 2: Going From a Vague Offer to an Irresistible Offer



A Clear Solution

- Figure out exactly what customers value most in your service
- How to create solutions for your client’s most pressing problems
- Learn to present your offer as the ultimate solution where it’d be silly NOT to buy



The Ideal Client

- Get clear on who you’re going to help (get ultra-clear on your niche)
- Understand your customer avatar’s pain, problem, desire
- Find out to charge what you want without receiving pushback



A Leveraged Curriculum

- Create a foundational structure to efficiently deliver the offer to each segment of your audience
- Learn how to present your program in a methodical way for best learning outcomes
- Understand how to use the leveraged curriculum so clients easily understand the information

Phase 3: Stressful Conversions to Effortless Conversions



Qualified Leads

- Building rapport while asking targeted questions to ensure client synergy
- How to properly qualify and get the most out of your sales calls
- How to use emotional intelligence and body language for better communication



The ABC Sales Call

- How to sell without selling
- How to root out client’s precise pain on the call
- Learn where objections come from and how to handle them



Systemized Sales Pipeline

- Master the power of follow-up
- How to track KPI's and sales performance with ease
- Onboarding the client and integrating them into your system

What My Clients Have To Say

I'm here to give you the skills to close more sales
Why It Really Matters

Maybe it’s that your family is left wanting for nothing, allowing your parents to retire and knowing that your kids’ education is paid for.

Hell, maybe you want to ball out and travel the world, discovering the exotic locations you only thought existed on Instagram.

Or maybe you just want to feel like you have control over your life. Whatever is going on in the world, you have the ability, the resources to protect you and yours.

Because this is what this gives you. The ability to live life on your own terms and create generational wealth with an impact that will ripple indefinitely.

It’s an investment in having the skills to never worry about a bill again and secure your future.

Who i can help

Who this is for.

Ambitious, heart-centered coaches, consultants, and service pros

Earning under $50K per month, charging low ticket (less than $2-3K per sale)

Have an incoming source of leads

Selling their time for $, charging by the “hour”

Overwhelmed with their schedule

Second-guessing themselves, not taking ACTION

Who i can't help

Who this is NOT for.

E-commerce or product-based businesses

Making over $100K per month consistently

0 sales up to this point

Not willing to put in the work

People who place money above value and results

Not able to take constructive criticism

I was in your exact position. I don’t want you to have to go through this shit alone again.

Did you say more?


Sales Confident

You'll have unbreakable confidence in your business and other areas of your life, allowing you to take fearless action towards your goals.

An Irresistible Offer

You'll have the skillset to make any offer of yours seem silly to say no to.

Effortless Conversion

Sales will not be awkward and weird anymore and you will not need to be pushy or sleazy to get the yes. Talking to your prospects will be like having a conversation with a friend.

WEEKLY LIVE GROUP Coaching CALLS with 1:1 hotseats

Asian tiger mom won’t let her kids go to war unarmed. Every week we’ll have a 90-min closed private group war council. To make sure you’ve heard, I only take a max of 10 people for each group allowing members to sign up for their individual 15min hotseat per call.


At SSB, “stuck” is not part of our vocabulary. Quick answers and personalized no-BS feedback is provided every step of the way. We always try to reply immediately. If not, we will respond to your questions within 12 to 24-hours.


Nothing’s more annoying than joining group coaching and feeling like a fucking number. Bring all your Qs ‘cause we’re having 30-min 1-on-1 calls monthly!


The holy grail of hitting the ground running with your business. A comprehensive, done-for-you Trello or Clickup Setup with all the steps, SOPs, checklist, templates, and resources you need to scrap the overwhelm and simplify everything! You have no excuse not to succeed.

Bonus Discounts

Results you can expect.

YOUR RESULTS are the only thing that matters. Get a coach that gives a shit about your success.


Get stuck working with demanding, low-paying clients. Working yourself to the bone and constantly asking yourself when things will finally start working out

Maybe you’ll be able to get some business, but it's likely that to sustain any kind of lifestyle, you’ll have to find a full-time corporate job… And what will you say at the next family dinner when someone asks you about your business.

You’ll continue the hunt, for the next course, for the next tactic, for the next pill that offers you everything you’ve ever wanted, but there will always be something holding you back. Always something saying that now is not the right time.

So here’s the question... So here’s the question...

Are you ready to Take Action?


This program is meant to help any coach, consultant, or service entrepreneur who is burnt out and not consistently generating more than $100K+ per month. If you are already fully booked and earning consistent 6 figures, then this is not for you.

The investment is $7500USD.

Yes. We're confident in the growth Soulrich Sales Bootcamp can help you achieve, that's why we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. If after going through the material and attending your first few calls, you're not convinced it's right for you, just shoot us an email at within a 14-day window of purchasing. Let us know why it's not right for you, and we'll process your refund. Your feedback and your success are of the utmost importance to us.

  1. At SSB we understand time is of the essence, so we bring massive value to the table right off the bat.

  2. Based on the results my clients get, there is no question the system works. The only question is, will you make this work for you? And since that’s on you, it’s not something we can guarantee for a long period of time. 

Joining SSB means you’re investing in yourself and your business. Why bother wasting time, resources, and energy on trial and error when you can do it right and get faster return the first time?

And what’s the value of being able to close at a higher percentage? Imagine for a minute what it would feel like to be more confident talking to clients, to be more respected, and to be paid what you’re worth. What price would you put on that? How much longer do you want to wait? How much longer can you afford to wait?

All this said, if you have less than three months of financial runway, this is not the program for you. This program is for businesses ready to scale that have the time and money to invest.

No, but I’m not going to lie to you: It will be overwhelming in the beginning and that’s because you’re learning something new, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. But I promise it does get easier as we move along with your consistent action. That’s why we’re here-to pull you through step by step and take you to your goals.

SSB is a 90-day professional growth program. Each of the 9 modules are taught live and unlocked every week. You'll join a live coaching call with Michelle each Tuesday at 1PM PST. You'll be given actionable items to implement and complete before the next week's call.

You may also choose to join Michelle each Friday at 1PM PST for help implementing and completing your homework.

You will receive 1x 30 min 1:1 Accountability Call with Michelle every 30 days to review your progress.

You’ll also be a part of our Bootcamp community on Circle. There, you’ll get to connect with your coaches and peers for advice, guidance, accountability, and much more.

For quick results, we suggest putting at least 1 hour a day to practice and implement what you learnt in the live coaching call.

Here’s one of the best parts of our program: we provide you with systems to follow right off the bat. We teach you how to use a simple and free project management tool and provide customized boards that we’ve already mapped out every task you’re going to do per week to increase your sales revenue. You’ll also get templates, checklists, and a bunch of resources that cost over $10K+ combined, all done-for-you and ready to plug into your business.

While others focus on throwing as much information as possible (which frankly only results in info overload), SSB doesn’t stop at learning mode. We get you to do the work through an easy step-by-step system with your Asian tiger mom (aka me) who will make sure you do your homework and implement them.