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Generated 10x more sales after working together


Business Growth Facilitator

"The best thing about Michelle as a coach is approachability, she has been there and done that and speaks the same language I do! It was awesome to see how quickly she can listen to your message, and reframe it, so you can adapt your message easily to attract more clients. She was a ROCK STAR! Michelle got me where I needed to go!"


Media Strategist

"Michelle has a way of asking profound questions that get to the core of your message and encourage you that what you’ve been through will be of big impact to not only yourself but others. She’s a great listener, but also gives great feedback without telling you what to do, and encourages you along the way. Great leaders are the ones who can actively listen without jumping on the need to respond. Thank you Michelle for being that for me"

Global clients SUCCESS around the world


AVG SALES growth




Customer satisfaction


Total Sales Generated


Internationally Renowned Strategic Intuitive Advisor

"I enjoy a successful career of over 25 years as an Intuitive Strategic Advisor with clients worldwide from Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, and entertainment professionals and everyone needs The Bizzy Coach. As our world faces a new normal of connectivity, having Michelle in your inner circle as a trusted resource to guide, inspire, and even push my prehistoric sales strategies into renewed and exciting focus is guaranteed success."


Nursing Mentor

"The best thing about Michelle’s coaching is her realness. She will tell it like it is and is serious about her work. I really enjoyed being apart of the program. I was able to learn so much in such a short amount of time. Actionable and practical steps were provided and I am excited to continue to implement what i have learned into my business!"

— What our clients have gained from working together


Went from $0 to $2K in 6 weeks after working together


Certified Life Coach

"I sold my first program within 6 weeks for $2K, and I have some active leads. The best thing about Michelle was she was very good at giving examples and talking at a level I understood. Michelle was a very supportive coach. She guided me from the start to finish on how to start a business. She had an outline and clear goals from the beginning of what we would accomplish during our time together."