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The Most Lucrative Offer You'll Get in 2022

Faster results than any course you'll take online, ever. This is the best way you'll ever utilize the knowledge of any business coach out there.

Work Less and Charge More After 1 Call

I took the time to ask myself a serious question. Was I really doing everything in my power to really deliver real value? To give something that would make a difference, fast.

What could I offer that no one else was doing. How could I really put all of my 17+ years of business ownership experience across 10+ industries to help you grow your business like no one else… Giving you the type of business transformation it takes months to achieve.

BUT in a single day...?

It's crazy to say out loud, but it's true. After 1 day, we can develop a proven plan to increase your sales by 2x and beyond, more effectively than all of your other efforts combined.

Does this sound familiar?

Feeling unclear about what you’re really trying to offer.

Tired of gettings NOs and getting ghosted.

Feeling capped out, tired, and overwhelmed, providing only custom 1:1 services to your audience.

Tired of feeling like what you have to offer doesn’t justify increasing your price as you grow.

Feeling like your offers and content are falling on deaf ears.

Tired of putting your personal life on hold or second.

Feeling unsure of your ability to get results for your clients.

Tired of feeling like you can't scale your business to where you want to.

This offer was built to overcome these challenges quickly.

So that you can start working with the clients you love, charging the kinds of prices that you've been dreaming of.

But What's the Problem?

People think that change has to be long and complicated. However, most of the time, it's just about tweaking a minor detail to unleash a floodgate of untapped potential. Because it's not just about how much you can implement. It's about having an expert by your side that shows you what to implement step by step.

I created this VIP workshop to help you with all of these problems that you may be facing:

Your Offer

If people aren’t begging to work with you at the end of the call, it means your offer isn’t irresistible. If it isn’t compelling, it means most people won’t buy. It means people will come up with all kinds of smoke screens to tell you no.

Message Clarity

Message Clarity

If you can’t wake up in the middle of the night and deliver an Oscar-worthy pitch on repeat about what you do, then it’s not clear enough.

No success roadmap

No success roadmap

People like ease. They want to see a clear roadmap to their success. If they're unsure or even slightly confused, it's unlikely they'll buy from you. Especially since it already takes so much effort to begin in the first place. Your roadmap to success needs to be achievable and understandable. ​

Feeling Capped Out

Feeling Capped Out

You’ve hit a sales ceiling. You can’t take on more without burning yourself out. This is the problem of constantly working on a 1:1 basis. When you learn how to leverage yourself and your expertise correctly, you’ll finally be able to understand what it means to work less and earn more.

Lack of Organized Structure

Lack of Organized Structure

The worst thing you can do is confuse the very people you’re trying to help. If your program structure isn’t organized in an easy-to-understand format, then people won’t take action.

Just too much manual work

Just too much manual work

Trying to fit more… Hours, work, content, material is only hurting you. You’ll never have the time to scale your income if you’re constantly focused on serving your clients. Service is good; understanding how to leverage your skills and time is so much better.

If you resonate with any of the things I've mentioned above, then you must learn how to use leverage.

Leveraging the way you use your time and your skills. These will always be in limited supply.

In this 1-on-1 VIP Offer Workshop, I will show you how easy it is to serve a more significant number of people without working more—expanding the ripple effect of your impact—earning you more than you imagined by doing less than you're used to.

So why get help? So why get help?

Learn From My Failures

Have someone in your corner who’s been in the game for 17 years. Learning through trial and error what people are willing to buy. More importantly, how to offer and sell it and how to do it on the scale of a strategic business owner.

Save Yourself Money & Time

Maybe then I wouldn’t have had to spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns. Hoping that perhaps if I just invested more. Maybe if I just worked a little harder, everything would somehow fall into place.

Know the problem from the get go

But let’s be real. The real issue was that I didn’t realize I had a weak offer. Hell, I didn’t even know that a weak offer was a thing. Imagine struggling all of that time only to realize that you didn’t even know the real issue all along. Imagine how much energy, time, and money I would have saved if I had known that in the first place. Sound familiar?

Courses are GOOD, mentors are Great

Because even if you take a course, you’re still putting together all of the pieces by yourself. You don’t get access to the cheat codes where a professional comes in and does all the heavy lifting for you. I want to be by your side and make the type of breakthroughs in a single day that most people take months to achieve on their own.

What My Clients Have To Say

But Is VIP Day right for you?

Only if you’re looking to find the kind of freedom that allows you to run your business on your own terms. It's about being able to choose how you want to work.

Do you want to finally have the time to work ON your business instead of being the technician who’s stuck working in it?

Do you want to work on what you want, when you want to? Growing your business, audience, and income in an exponential fashion.

Do you want to charge more than $3K+ for your services per person?

Do you want to exponentially increase your ability to have more time, help more people and leave a greater mark on the world? To feel like you have momentum in your life.

That’s what this VIP offer is going to help you achieve. It's the kind of transformation you'll get after only a single day.

That’s what this VIP offer is going to help you achieve. It's the kind of transformation you'll get after only a single day.

But before we get to the good stuff, I just want to make it extremely clear who this is for. Because I don't do this often, and I want to help the people that really need this. But before we get to the good stuff, I just want to make it extremely clear who this is for. Because I don't do this often, and I want to help the people that really need this.

Who i can help

Who this is for.

Ambitious, heart-centered coaches, consultants, agencies, or any service based businesses

If you're selling your time for $, overloaded with 1:1 work, capping your income at a certain level

If you want to leverage your time and teachings to deliver a greater impact with less time and effort

If you are wanting to deliver repeatable results to your clients

For those who are sick and tired of feeling like they have no other option but to settle for low paying clients

For those who want to instantly learn everything that's necessary for an immediate irresistible offer, so your clients sign up on the spot

Who i can't help

Who this is NOT for.

E-commerce or product-based businesses

Current offer is already making over 6 figures

Not open to selling a $3K+ high ticket offer

Not willing to put in the work

People who place money above value and results

Not able to take constructive criticism

Are you ready for a major change to your business and life? Are you ready for a major change to your business and life?


A Custom High-Impact Irresistible Offer

The fastest way to build an irresistible offer for your business. Custom made by a business coach with 17+ years of starting and scaling business in almost every industry.

A Clear Elevated Message

You'll have a crystal clear message that will get your prospects to say yes because it'll seem silly to not buy what you're offering.

Your Own 6 Figure Client Success Roadmap

A roadmap shows your clients that you can guide them to get what they ultimately want in easy-to-understand steps. Because if you can see your goal as a series of manageable steps, it becomes easy to visualize that brighter future.

A Leveraged Curriculum

That means you'll be able to deliver your material on repeat in the format that makes sense for you: 1:1, 1 to Many, as a digital course, a mastermind, or anything else you want. Clients are always more confident in their decision to buy when they can visualize their progress.

An Express Pass To Success

Working with a coach is the difference between having google maps offer directions vs. doing it on your own, like taking guidance from a paper map. One gives you a seamless driving experience, and the other requires mental arithmetic and unexpected roadblocks.

High-value Bonuses

You'll also get my tested and proven marketing and sales checklists and tips so you can quickly sell this new offer without selling.

How Does It Work?


It's literally never, ever been this simple to build your best offer

Ready to start?

Let me know when it's ever been this easy or fast to come up with an irresistible offer in a single day?

An offer you can instantly start charging thousands of dollars or more for… I'll wait.

No? Ok, well then in that case it’s time to book that VIP day. It’s time to start living life with more time on your hands. Running a business the way you’re supposed to.

Provide Info & Context

You'll fill out an in-depth intake form so I can start working on the foundation for your irresistible offer.

Build Offer Foundation

The first call will be about 90 - 120 minutes. We’ll go over the structure of your offer and I’ll give you some simple homework to finish for our second call. FYI you’ll be able to start selling your new offer even before we get on our second call.

Irresistible Offer Created

A week after our 1st call and with your homework completed, we can put all the pieces together. Then we’re going to send out the offer to your audience together. I will push you to start selling your new offer right on the call immediately.

Refinement & Support

Unlike most offers, support doesn't stop there. I’ll follow up with a 30-min call in 14 days to see if there’s anything that we can improve. Plus if necessary you’ll have 30-day message support.

Results you can expect.

YOUR RESULTS are the only thing that matters. Get a coach that gives a shit about your success.


Get stuck working with demanding, low-paying clients. Working yourself to the bone and constantly asking yourself when things will finally start working out

Maybe you’ll be able to get some business, but it's likely that to sustain any kind of lifestyle, you’ll have to find a full-time corporate job… And what will you say at the next family dinner when someone asks you about your business.

You’ll continue the hunt, for the next course, for the next tactic, for the next pill that offers you everything you’ve ever wanted, but there will always be something holding you back. Always something saying that now is not the right time.

So here’s the question... So here’s the question...

Are you ready to IMMEDIATELY make quantum leaps in your business?

(*spots are only limited to 10 people a month since it takes me alot of time and energy on my end)


A service entrepreneur that has some sort of past success helping clients but it's not consistent. You need change quickly. 

No because we implement on the spot with this offer.

With a VIP workshop you’re investing in yourself and your business. Why bother wasting time, resources, and energy on trial and error when you can do it right and get faster return the first time?

Imagine if you’re charging $3,000 to 5,000 per client, then you only need 1 client to make back your investment.

No! It'll be like having a conversation with a friend answering alot of questions. You'll just need to come excited and have an idea of where you want to take your business.

Because we IMPLEMENT on the spot with my 17+ years of business ownership experience instead of you having to sit, learn, and then implement through trial and error.